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hear me roar

home of the casterly rockettes

cortexiphan juice box
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Vera. NYU film school grad. Editor. Writer. Vidder. Professional fangirl.
I like my wine like I like my subtext; dark, deep, and a little fruity.

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1981, 1982, 30 rock, academy awards, advertising, aeryn sun, alex drake, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient history, ancient rome, apollo, armor, ashes to ashes, atlantis, australian actresses, battlestar galactica, ben browder, camelot, canada, caprica, cate blanchett, catherine tate, chevrons, claudia black, coffee, companions, confessors in white dresses, cupcakes, cylons, david bowie, david duchovny, david lynch, david tennant, dead like me, diane neal, doctor who, dogtags, donna noble, eight/romana, emily deschanel, excalibur, fargate, farscape, fbi, film, firefly, flyboys, fox mulder, freema agyeman, gaius baltar, gay for kahlan, gillian anderson, good wine, harry potter, harry/hermione, hollywood, homer, interpol, james callis, joe flanigan, john crichton, john sheppard, john/aeryn, kate walsh, katee sackhoff, kawoosh, keeley hawes, keeley hawes for romana, keeley!romana, knights, knights in shining armor, kristen bell, legend of the seeker, little spies that could, mad men, magic, magical gay unicorns, manhattan, martha jones, mckay/carter, medieval times, merlin, mi-5, mi-6, military, morgana le fey, muse, music, mythology, new caprica, nida, number six, p-90s, peacekeepers, pie, puddlejumpers, radiohead, rodney mckay, rose tyler, round tables, sarah jane smith, sci-fi, screenwriting, scully, shippers, space travel, special agents, spooks, star trek: ds9, starbuck, stargate, suukeh's maahn, synthesizers, tardis, telly, ten and donna are so married, tennis, the 60's, the 80's, the iliad, the kennedys, the x-files, time lords, time travel, tina fey's glasses, torchwood, tori amos, torri higginson, travel, tricia helfer, trojan war, true blood, tv, tv writing, twin peaks, unicorns, vala mal doran, vampires, vancouver, vidding, vids, whoneverse, wizards, wonderfalls, wormholes, wraith, ww2, xena: warrior princess, zpms