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cortexiphan juice box
20 October 2013 @ 07:51 pm

Feeling: bouncybouncy
Listening to: we are wolves - paloma
cortexiphan juice box
22 August 2013 @ 03:57 pm

Song: Run Boy Run
Artist: Woodkid
Spoilers: Seasons 1-3
Links: Here @ sync_slaying

Summary: "Girls see more blood than boys." - Ygritte
Feeling: goodgood
Listening to: garbage - felt
cortexiphan juice box

Song: The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
Artist: Radiohead
Source: Repulsion dir. Roman Polanski
Links: Here @ sync_slaying

Summary: So glad you're mine...
Feeling: contentcontent
Listening to: thom yorke - feeling pulled apart by horses
cortexiphan juice box

Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Artist: Nirvana
Spoilers: Seasons 1-3
Links: Here @ sync_slaying

Summary: There's a king in every corner now.
Feeling: contentcontent
Listening to: gorillaz - feel good inc.
cortexiphan juice box
02 February 2013 @ 03:54 pm

Song: Stayin' Low! (Bee Gees vs. Lil Jon vs. De La Soul)
Artist: Daily Daze
Fandom: Alien series
Links: Here @ sync_slaying

Summary: Hopin' she can sock it to me one mo' time.
Feeling: accomplishedaccomplished
Listening to: thom yorke - harrowdown hill
cortexiphan juice box
14 October 2012 @ 10:45 am
Hope you're getting excited because you've draw the short straw to be my vid slave kind vidding friend! This letter might seem scarily specific but that's only because some of these things have been sitting on my To Vid List for years. I've failed to vid them so ima get you to do it for me. Wheee! Don't be scared and have fun with a creative challenge! Fun being the key word tho. ;)

Here be requests.Collapse )

K. Now I want my vid!

Feeling: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
Listening to: beach house - myth
cortexiphan juice box
28 September 2012 @ 01:06 pm

revolution baby | an etta bishop fanmix
10 tracks + cover art

i love being special.
Feeling: contentcontent
Listening to: neko case - maybe sparrow
cortexiphan juice box

Song: First, Love
Artist: She Wants Revenge
Spoilers: Seasons 1-2, ASOIAF
Size: 40.6 MB, mov
Links: Here @ sync_slaying

Summary: The Little Lord's been dreaming again.
Feeling: creativecreative
Listening to: darkness falls - night will be dawn
cortexiphan juice box

Song: Smack My Bitch Up
Artist: The Prodigy
Spoilers: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (US & Sweden)
Warnings: Explicit sexual violence, violence against women
Size: 67.6 MB, mov
Links: Here @ sync_slaying

Summary: Lisbeth Salander hates men who hate women.
Feeling: contentcontent
Listening to: massive attack - future proof
cortexiphan juice box
10 August 2012 @ 11:39 pm

Song: Heads Will Roll
Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Spoilers: Seasons 1-2
Warnings: HBO style violence and boobies
Size: 39 MB, mov
Links: Here @ sync_slaying

Summary: In this game, heads will roll...literally.
Feeling: sleepysleepy
Listening to: lissie - woried about