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Dear Festividder

Stuff goes here soon.

Edit: Guess what it's finally time for?

Hello vidder! Thanks so much for making me a vid, you! I'm gonna try to keep this thing minimalistic. Here we go.

General note about music: I'm really not too keen on anything "super popular" or obvious when it comes to vid songs. Of course there are exceptions to everything, so if it works for your story then that's totally fine! But I always find it more rewarding to looks for covers and mashups and just thinking outside the box.


Still waiting for that perfect Norma Bates vid, y'all!

CRACKS (safety)

This movie is amazing and messed up and AMAZINGLY MESSED UP! It's gorgeous and hypnotic and features an extremely fascinating and original take on a certain type of story. I've never seen anything like it! Do yourself a favor and watch it, if you have't seen it already. Eva Green is a swim teacher at an all-girls boarding school and SHENANIGANS ENSUE!


Always here for more Defiance vids! This show just got stronger in S2 and I wish the fandom was bigger because the world is so rich to explore. Anything general would be great as I love all the characters, but I dig the ladies mostest! (What else is new.)


I loved this movie so much. It's genuinely one of the best of the year with a strong story and great characters. But srsly, ANGEL OF VERDUN, AMIRITE?!!


This is one of the best shows on TV right now, JUST FYI. Gillian Anderson is PHENOMENAL and her character is so multi-layered, it's shocking! This is a crime drama with amazing writing, and great female characters. The guy from 50 Shades basically got his gig bc this was on his reel, but I'm here for GA's Stella Gibson character.


One of the best shows to premiere this summer! Purposeful, stylish, refreshing with its great writing and interest in its female characters. I'd be down with a general vid but yeah, the ladies are strong with this one! (*whispers* ladies doing science! ladies doing lesbicious things and stuff!!)




I love the mood of this program. It really grabs you and stays with you. I'd be down with a general vid (um, pls try to use as little of the Holy Wayne plot as possible bc I was so not into those characters and his creepy face...and also maybe no need for gratuitous Kevin Garvey jogging scenes bc I blocked out Justin Theroux's dumb sweat pants bulge and I don't need it back in my life thnx) but Nora Durst is my OTC of the show. What a talent!!!

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