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07 August 2010 @ 09:22 am
Fringe Vid: Boom Boom Pow [VVC Club Vivid '10]  

Song: Boom Boom Pow
Artist: Black Eyed Peas
Spoilers: Through Season 2
Size: 45.4 MB, avi
Links: Here @ sync_slaying

Summary: What exactly is a Boom Boom Pow? Well, whatever it is, the Fringe Team will surely get it!
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Feeling: drunkdrunk
Listening to: vids being watched
Charmax: Torchwood Team Clapcharmax on August 7th, 2010 02:22 pm (UTC)
Great overview of the show if I wasn't already a fan of the show this would definitely recruit me. Loving Olivia's swagger!
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] i got that boom boom powhollywoodgrrl on August 7th, 2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
Whee! Thank you! Olivia has THE BEST swagger indeed. ;)
then start your enginesaetenae on August 7th, 2010 04:27 pm (UTC)
You should repost this over Tumblr. This is too awesome to not share it.
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] maybe it terrifies mehollywoodgrrl on August 8th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
I really should I suppose. Thank you! :)
buffyannbuffyann on August 8th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
This is a live commentary of your vid by Obsessive24 and myself, because it's just fun :)

obsessive24: creepy start!
buffyann: freaky john noble
obsessive24: omg love the scribbles!
buffyann: woooo
obsessive24: oooohh I WANNA SEE at CVV
buffyann: wow
obsessive24: love the hard cuts
obsessive24: the musicality is freaking awesome
buffyann: mmm yes
obsessive24: it reminds me of your vids, Alex
buffyann: it makes the show look way more pretty than it is
obsessive24: how it hits the beats AND the smooth vocals
buffyann: oh I didn't think I was that good lol
obsessive24: this looks like a freaky show
buffyann: wow the fast parts are awesome
obsessive24: ooo girl kiss
buffyann: and it never stops moving
buffyann: the eyes opening!
obsessive24: oh, I like the POV switch
obsessive24: wtf Spock is in this?
buffyann: oh man, so awesome
buffyann: yes spock is
buffyann: but not anymore
obsessive24: I should watch it
obsessive24: oh I love the fast bits, explosions!
obsessive24: LOVE the "boom boom" parts hee
buffyann: It makes the show sounds like an action show
obsessive24: SPOKE IS AWSM
buffyann: oh that part is crazy
obsessive24: haha he is so fucking awesome
buffyann: the uses of waves !!!!
obsessive24: I love the slow-mo bits too
buffyann: yes !
obsessive24: some cool added motion
buffyann: oh freakyyyyyyy
obsessive24: hee, like how the ending circles back to the beginning
buffyann: yes, he freaks me out
buffyann: THat was so awesome
obsessive24: I should really watch this show...
cortexiphan juice box: [actors] em; cutieface!hollywoodgrrl on August 8th, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)
UM YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE?! Srsly, thank you for sharing a bit of your brains and squee. :D

(Also I just wanted to let you know that I've been watching your Desmond vid on repeat recently [just mainlined Lost in last month and a half] and it doesn't fail to make me cry. Even more so now that Milly explained a bit of the lyrics in her panel. Just wonderful, wonderful! ♥)
carrie: fringe - handprints [olivia]fidesangelus on August 8th, 2010 04:57 am (UTC)

I'm gonna go download it now. ;)
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] carbon madehollywoodgrrl on August 8th, 2010 06:28 am (UTC)
OMGOSH you are the cutest. :DDD
Kelly (Kalliopi) aka Yllektraforce_oblique on August 8th, 2010 06:14 pm (UTC)
This was special and wonderful!!!
cortexiphan juice boxhollywoodgrrl on August 12th, 2010 09:13 pm (UTC)
So glad you enjoyed! :D
Mark: Sulietmrbartleboom on August 9th, 2010 09:37 am (UTC)
Ooooh, just watched and adored! <3 It's like SRSBSNS here!! *__* All those exlpotions/fights/gun shooting and a little bit of kissing/bed things.. just pahfect! :D
cortexiphan juice box: [lost] lol bondagehollywoodgrrl on August 12th, 2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
Heeee! You gotta have some kissing/bed things between all the srs bsns explosions! Speaking of which....YOUR ICON IS MAKING ME FLAIL!
(no subject) - mrbartleboom on August 13th, 2010 09:51 am (UTC) (Expand)
cryptocryptoxin on August 9th, 2010 05:32 pm (UTC)
I love this vid! It's really fantastic, clever in all the right places, and great musicality.
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] i got that boom boom powhollywoodgrrl on August 12th, 2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much! So glad it all worked for you! :D
RivkaT: olivia fringerivkat on August 12th, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
I love the energy of this and how it shows Olivia's awesome.
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] walk with johnniehollywoodgrrl on August 12th, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
Woohoo! Olivia is super awesome so I'm glad I was able to show it off. :D
meeliemeelie on August 20th, 2010 12:40 pm (UTC)
Awesome! I really enjoyed this!
cortexiphan juice box: [dlm] as in her big brown eyeshollywoodgrrl on August 20th, 2010 12:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much!
peeps wanna see peeps boink: i dig chicks with gunsmusesfool on August 27th, 2010 04:45 am (UTC)
I thought I'd left feedback, but I guess not. I have watched this vid many, many times because it is AWESOME like Olivia is AWESOME. ♥
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] i got that boom boom powhollywoodgrrl on August 27th, 2010 01:47 pm (UTC)
No worries! You recced it so that is good enough. THANK YOU! YOU'RE AWESOME! :D
Eleanorellie_i on September 5th, 2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
I know it's not the most admirable sentiment, but seriously, whenever I've a had a few glasses of sauvignon blanc, I come back to Boom Boom Pow. It takes a little alcohol, only a little, for me to loosen up and get the non-lateral connections, emotion, canonical, or (frequently) otherwise that vidding, and especially this vid, recently, offers.

I find I can't switch my brain off when watching this vid - no matter the response the Black-Eyed Peas normally evoke - and love making the connection again and again between what the lyrics and the music say, and what the flow of the vid and the cutting is telling me. I love to scour my vid file after a glass or two, and Boom Boom Pow is made for rewatching. It's always exciting, and always makes me go, "Hey, Olivia Dunham! How fucking cool is she?!" And her whole universe as well. Thanks for making Fringe so great in vid form. I l-o-v-e it, seriously. ♥
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] walk with johnniehollywoodgrrl on September 10th, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
I have to say that you absolutely win for the most unique comment ever! I have a giant grin on my face :D reading it and re-reading it. A+++ to sauvignon blanc and Fringe vids! Lol! Thank you you SO MUCH for coming back to watch it and for choosing to drink good wine. Here here!
thuvia ptarththuviaptarth on October 10th, 2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
I watched this again today because it makes me sooooo happy.
cortexiphan juice boxhollywoodgrrl on October 11th, 2010 02:29 am (UTC)
Eeeee!!!!! Thank you. :D (Man it's hard having to wait for the eps to air because I wanna vid again now now NOW!)
pixieladykuwdora on October 21st, 2010 01:32 am (UTC)
god this ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF. can't believe I haven't commented before now. I lose, you WIN ALL, omg.
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] bamf olympicshollywoodgrrl on October 21st, 2010 03:31 am (UTC)
LOL! I think I win cuz you enjoyed the vid. YAY! :D
chamallachamalla on January 19th, 2011 03:13 pm (UTC)
Only recently I saw this vid and I am still completely obsessed by it. Everything is just perfect (music, scenes, composition, editing...) and even though the song is long the vid never, even for a second, gets boring - it's boom boom pow all the way! I even use the title now as a reference for a great action vids :) And, of course, your editing is smooth as always. How do you do it???
I'm sure many people said this but this vid makes this show looks so much better than it actually is. I'm watching it from the beginning and only the last season really got me hooked up mainly because of the development of Olivia's character.
I'm going to rec it on my journal :) People NEED to see it. (btw. you probably know but on YT vid is still on but the sound is muted :( )
cortexiphan juice box: [fr] double your pleasurehollywoodgrrl on January 19th, 2011 05:43 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! Thank you!!! Especially for this → I even use the title now as a reference for a great action vids :)!!!!!!!!!111 :DDD

I'm thrilled you enjoyed the vid, Fringe is incredibly fun to vid to. I am completely in love with the show (Olivia! ♥) so thank you for reccing it. More people need to know the wonder that is this show!

Thank you again for the lovely, lovely comment and for the rec!!!
fantasticangel: ruby/rupertfantasticangel on March 18th, 2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
I haven't commented about this vid yet but I've seen it several times and loved it.

I was actually curious about the technical side of how you make your vids. What do you use to rip the vids, what format do you rip to, what editing program do you use, etc.
cortexiphan juice boxhollywoodgrrl on April 11th, 2011 08:11 pm (UTC)
Hey thanks so much for the comment! Sorry for the late response.

I used Sony Vegas to edit this video, ripping clips with DVD Shrink and Virtual Dub. The format I ripped them to was Xvid using the Dvix codec. You might be able to find some great tutorials on how to get started with vidding at vidding_tech and for specific editing software tutorials I suggest hitting up YouTube, there's lots there.

Good luck!